Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Good Afternoon,
Today I had the pleasure of tasting a fine Tea from the Zhejiang Province of China.
These tiny dark jade leaves and buds (see photo) are packed with fruity aroma that promised a flavorful cup to come. I steep the leaves for 2 min @ 170 deg f. The wet leaves are med green in color and have a slightly spicy new mown hay scent to them. (see photo) The liquor has a soft mouth feel with a pale yellow color(see photo). The tea has a natural sweetness there is also that astringency that I have found in most green teas.
Tian Mu mountain is renowned for it's pure, pollution free environment.
Because Mr Teaman talk's I would recomend this tea.


monkey said...

I'm Sold!! Send me 4 bags to DC!

Anonymous said...

And just what cheese or chocolate would complement this tea? Any recommended recipes to go with?