Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darjeeling Poobong

This sample came from The Tea House, it is a SFTGFOP Darjeeling from the Poobong estate.Tibetan for "Valley of Bamboos" it is in the Ghoom District the highest in the Darjeeling. When I first opened the sample pouch this first flush tea hit me with wonderful chocolate aromas and fruity notes. I brewed 1 teaspoon of this tea at 212 degrees for 3 min and got a rich red liquor. The aroma from the liquor promised the same chocolate and fruit as the dry leaf.
The first few sips were fruity but unremarkable. But as the tea cooled the whole flavor spectrum opened up there were chocolate notes some melon and then like magic the floral world was there it was like drinking a flower garden.
Because Mr Teaman talks I would say if you have the chance to buy this one go for it.


monkey said...

Holy cow! The way you describe this tea makes me want to run right out and get it. Seriously. Nice review!

Pat Canella said...

This sounds quite delicious, both subtle and obvious flavors, along with my Oolong preference make me want to try this seemingly excellent tea! said...

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